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Internet bonding for streamers

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In the world of remote working and social media and live streaming has taken off, with it now being some people’s prime income. A consistent, high-quality connection is paramount. Viewers expect seamless experiences with no buffering or a drop in quality. This is where the Internet of Things (IoT) and bonding/failover technologies come into play.

What is bonding and failover? And why is it important for uninterrupted streaming?

While IoT provides the tools for capturing and transmitting high-quality content, bonding and failover technologies ensure the delivery of this content is uninterrupted and reliable.

Bonding is a technology that allows streamers to combine multiple internet connections into one super-fast and reliable connection. This means if one connection fails or is slow, the stream doesn’t suffer because the other connections pick up the slack. This is crucial for streamers who need to maintain a constant, high-quality stream without buffering or interruptions.

Failover, on the other hand, is a backup operational mode in which the functions of a system switch over automatically to a secondary system when the primary system fails. In the context of streaming, this could mean an automatic switch to a backup server if the primary server fails. This ensures that the stream continues even in the event of technical difficulties.

Together, bonding and failover provide a safety net for streamers, ensuring their content is delivered smoothly and reliably, no matter what.

What connectivity can I bond with IoT?

With IoT connectivity, a variety of different internet connections can be bonded to create a robust and reliable network. This includes traditional broadband connections like broadband or cable, mobile networks such as 4G or the increasingly available 5G, and even satellite connections. In addition, public Wi-Fi networks can also be bonded with your private connections to increase bandwidth but wouldn’t advise that. The process of bonding these connections is seamless, providing a stable and high-speed internet connection. This is particularly beneficial in areas with poor connectivity, as the system can dynamically switch between different connections based on their performance, ensuring the most efficient use of available resources.

Here are 3 IoT use cases where bonding and failover can be used:

Use Case 1: Live Event Streaming

Live events, such as concerts, sports events, or conferences, require high-quality, uninterrupted streaming to reach viewers worldwide. Bonding technology allows the use of multiple internet

connections simultaneously, ensuring consistent streaming quality even if one connection fails or is slow. If a primary connection fails during a live event, failover technology ensures an automatic switch to a backup connection, preventing any disruption in the live stream.

Use Case 2: Online Gaming and Esports Broadcasting

In the world of online gaming and esports, lag-free streaming is crucial for both gamers and viewers. Bonding can combine different internet connections (like Wi-Fi and cellular data) into a single, super-fast connection, drastically reducing lag and buffering. Failover plays a critical role during tournaments, where a server failure could disrupt the game. Automatic failover to a backup server ensures the gaming experience remains smooth and uninterrupted.

Use Case 3: Remote Work and Virtual Meetings

As remote work becomes more prevalent, virtual meetings and webinars have become common. In these scenarios, a stable and reliable internet connection is essential. Bonding allows for a combination of home Wi-Fi and cellular data to create a robust and reliable connection, ensuring smooth video and audio quality. If the primary connection fails during an important meeting or presentation, failover technology ensures a seamless switch to a backup connection, minimizing disruption and maintaining professionalism.

Why SD-Wan Pro is perfect for bonding and failover

Internet bonding and failover can be instrumental in enhancing your organisation’s online performance and reliability. Depending on your specific requirements, these solutions could be perfect for maintaining optimal uptime and consistent service delivery under any circumstances. Our newly unveiled SD-WAN Pro solution offers both internet failover and bonding within a single router. This enables you to merge multiple cellular, broadband, and satellite connections to create the most robust internet connectivity possible.

In conclusion, IoT and bonding/failover technologies are vital tools for streamers. IoT technologies provides the means to capture and transmit high-quality content, while bonding and failover ensure this content is delivered reliably and without interruption. As live streaming continues to grow in popularity, these technologies will only become more important.

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