5G Fixed IP SIMs

Anvil’s new generation of 4G and 5G multi-network Fixed IP SIMs will work on all major networks to ensure your devices can always connect to the strongest signal.

What is a Fixed IP SIM?

A Fixed IP Data SIM is a SIM card that is a cellular data SIM (usually 4G or 5G) with an IP address that is fixed or static to a single address. Differing from a typical consumer SIM that uses dynamic IPs, once fixed the SIM card will not change IP address, no matter where or how it is used globally.

A Fixed IP address can either be public or private depending on the specific use cases for the SIM. These SIMs can transfer very small or large amounts of data and code between devices and can be remotely managed and controlled. Whether roaming or remaining in one place, you will always be able to connect to and control any device that has a Fixed IP Data SIM.

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Applications of a Fixed IP SIM

Our Fixed (static) IP SIMs are perfect for mobile and low data applications.The SIMs enable two way communication between you are your connected devices, making management of your assets simple and easy.

Fixed IP Data SIMs also remove the large financial expense of numerous physical site visits, fixed line broadband installation costs, manned control costs and general data reporting. Fixed IP Data SIMS are available on a huge choice of 520+ established global networks, and can be deployed either as the primary method of connectivity or for business continuity as a back-up for when broadband or leased lines fail Ideal for devices in remote locations or that moving devices that need to be accessed. Ideal for:

  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Renewable energy
  • Retail
  • Logistics

Anvil specialises in Fixed Private and Public Static IP SIM cards.

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Public or Private Fixed IP SIM

Anvil are able to provide both Public and Private Fixed IP addresses with each of its multi-network SIMs. Whether connecting through an internet host, VPN or within a private network, each SIM will remain fixed to its IP address, giving you full access and control over your devices.

Secure Virtual Networks (VPN)

Anvil have a team of technical experts that can support you in creating your own private networks for your devices connected via a Fixed IP SIM card. Anvil can provide a secure VPN connection to our private IP SIM cards. We can provide both a site to site (IPSEC) VPN or SSL VPN (OpenVPN) to suit a wide range of access needs. Anvil’s team of technical experts are always on hand to support you connecting, managing and maintaining these VPN tunnels

Never lose connectivity with our multi-network SIMs

Our non-steered multi-network SIMs are able to connect to any major network globally at no extra cost to you. Whether commercial MFF2 or industrial and embedded SIMs. Anvil Fixed IP SIM cards are optimised for connectivity, providing you with a simple failover solution for all your connected devices.

  • Single contract for all your tariffs
  • Reduce roaming charges
  • Connect to the strongest available network
  • Fixed IP address
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Bespoke tariffs

We’re confident in our ability to provide premium yet cost-effective connectivity with our SIM cards. We don’t tie our customers into lengthy contracts, and can start tariffs from as low as 10MB on any network. Our pricing is transparent through our connectivity management platform, you are able to see all your data usage and we actively help you manage your data to ensure you are always on the right deal for you.

  • Data pooling
  • Pay for what you use
  • Manage your own data
  • Monthly rolling contracts or fixed term up to 36 months

Manage your Fixed IP SIMs with network level real-time data and analytics

When you purchase an Anvil fixed IP SIM card, we provide you with a login to your connectivity control platform.

This simple and award winning platform gives you complete control of your data, SIMs and devices. Gain real insight into your data with network level visibility of all of your connections.

data management platform

We recommend

The XR-5G-241 5G Mobile Broadband Router with our Fixed IP SIMs

The XR-5G-241 Cone Router is a 5G router ideally suited to home and small business environments. This router is ideally suited for use as a standalone 5G cellular router or as a broadband router with 5G backup.

Bundle your Fixed IP SIM with a 5G router