Remote monitoring

Efficient healthcare has always been one of the most important aspects of society. And now that we have more people relying on it than ever, we need to have the technology and solutions in place to maximise its efficiency. The use of Remote Monitoring and real time communications has quickly grown, allowing public and private healthcare professionals to adjust and evolve their way of managing their processes for the better.

M2M technology

M2M technology allows real time management and monitoring of patients and equipment wirelessly. Gathering data to make life saving medical decisions and to report on global environmental and human healthcare issues. Security is a prime consideration in healthcare, therefore we restrict the M2M data SIMs from accessing or being accessed by the public internet. This is done by specifying the IP addresses that can communicate with devices and by using Private Fixed IP address ranges. This security is equally important in relaying vital information from ambulances and paramedics to the NHS systems at the A & E department of the hospital at which the patient is to be treated.
Using services such as Roaming SIMS, Anvil can provide ‘un-steered’ network coverage, ensuring that devices are always connected to the best serving network operator for any given geographic area. This type of solution is ideal for Ambulances, Paramedics and other Emergency Services and where there is a lower data application.

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Site Security

Security certainly plays a major role when handling such sensitive data. Anvil provides Data SIMS with Secure Fixed IP address, Private IP address for use over Private VPN connections both with private APNs for secure M2M connections.

Because we have access to 75+ established National and International Network providers, we can truly provide reliable remote access globally to any connected device

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