5G SIMs for CCTV

Enhanced security

Connected cameras, alarm systems and monitoring system capabilities are constantly evolving and advancing thanks to ‘always-on’ connectivity with multi-network SIMs.

Take advantage of the enhanced cyber security capability that our 5G SIMs for CCTV provide. Utilise fixed IP address SIMs, IPsec VPNs network level firewalls and encrypted data to ensure that your data and imagery is as secure as possible.

Whether you need a simple connection for a singular camera or, a mass deployment across multiple sites we have tailor made security solutions using multi-network sim cards and advanced routers that ensure you have a 99.99% uptime in connectivity.

Asset management with 5G

Create a professional and reliable internet connection using our professional 5G routers and our best in class multi-network SIMs. Be up and ready in minutes by simply inserting your ready to use SIM card, or speak to one of our experts for specific configurations. Start viewing your camera images, or monitoring your roaming vehicles quickly, receive real-time reports, and manage each device immediately, assured that you will always be connected to your device or asset no matter how remote it is from you.

Resilience and failover

With Anvil multi-network SIMs, be secure in the knowledge that you are providing the most resilient connectivity possible to your business.

Our services include internet bonding, local internet breakout, SD-WAN and failover internet connectivity using SIMs that can either be steered to the strongest signal in your devices area, or un-steered to ensure that your cellular connectivity is always connected to the strongest possible network.

data management platform

Manage your 5G SIM for CCTV with network level real-time data and analytics

When you purchase an Anvil SIM for CCTV, we provide you with a login to your connectivity control platform.

Anvil provides you with your unique login to access real-time data and analytics. Handle all your data via the award-winning Cisco-Jasper connectivity management platform. This user-friendly dashboard gives you full control over your connections, data usage, distribution, costs, and devices.

Try before you buy

Here at Anvil, we’re confident that our premium connectivity is the ideal solution for your business. Don’t just take our word for it though, we can let you trial a couple of test SIMs so that you can be sure you’ve got the connectivity you need.

  • Up to five multi-network IoT SIMs 
  • 5GB of data across all UK networks
  • SIM’s dispatched with next working day delivery
  • Free demo of the  connectivity management platform 

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