Fleet Tracking

Transportation & Logistics

Transportation and logistics are  definitely two of the leading industries in utilising the power of modern Remote and Mobile Asset Management technology. Making use of Anvil IoT and M2M SIMs can help maintain real-time control over thousands of assets and freight systems nationally and globally.

M2M technology

M2M SIMs are being deployed to report on geographic locations and courier data, and to monitor customers’ cargo being carried. This can include temperature, humidity, surveillance and quantities. Roaming Data SIMs can play a vital part in keeping your assets connected by seamlessly transitioning between carrier networks that offer the best connectivity for any given geographic location globally.

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Fixed assets

Moving away from the mobile asset tracking, fixed assets such as Road Tolls, Traffic Volumes Monitors, Connected Road Signs, Traffic Lights and Speed Camera also rely on Secure 2-way M2M Fixed IP SIM connectivity to carry out vital operations.

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