5G Routers for IoT, M2M, home and office

Anvil Mobile stocks a wide range of routers from leading global retailers. Whether for home connectivity or industrial needs, we’re confident that we can provide the ideal solution to you.

XR-5G-241 Cone router
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5G connectivity

Our 5G routers will work on all UK and European 5G networks as well as operating on existing 4G networks where 5G service is unavailable.  Our 5G routers will provide a high speed 5G Mobile Broadband Internet service but speeds are dependant upon your network provider.

5G routers for all use cases

Need something specific? Serial, digital I/O, VPN, VRRP, bluetooth, or just a sanity check? Our team of technical experts love hearing about our customers use cases and are always on hand to design a solution to match your specific needs big or small. .

Industrial 5G routers

Anvil Mobile industrial grade M2M 5G routers are ideal for a high speed internet connections. Whether being used remotely with a fixed IP SIM, future-proofing current installations or use for industry – we can provide all the appropriate accessories, antennae and SIM card solutions for your needs.

5G routers for broadband

If you need a 5G home router to deliver high speed Internet to share with your family then we can make recommendations to you based on your needs, for example if you need parental controls to turn of the WiFi past bedtime or URL filtering to block access to certain sites speak to our technical experts to ensure you get the right device configured for your needs.’

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The 5G Cone Router with our 5G Data SIMs

The XR-5G-241 Cone Router is a 5G router ideally suited to home and small business environments. This router is ideally suited for use as a standalone 5G cellular router or as a broadband router with 5G backup.

Our best selling 5G routers